Show Announced: Scott Huckabay and The Lottery, Sept. 23rd


We recently had the honor of playing at the In The Light Festival, an all-things-spiritual outdoor event put on by one of our good friends. At the festival, Scott Huckabay, an extremely masterful guitar wizard (he’s also a nice guy) played an excellent set that caught our attention (as well as everybody else’s). We got to talking with Scott that weekend and decided to see if we could put on a nice end of summer concert to cap off the season, some place where we could play outdoors and invite a lot of people to attend. Having had success at The Wayside’s outdoor back section (we doubled previous attendance rates with a great July 4th event that culminated in playing to the fireworks show over Lake Siskiyou behind us!), we decided to go for it.


We will be playing with Scott Huckabay at The Wayside in Mt. Shasta on September 23rd. Tickets will be $7 at the door, or $5 with a non-perishable food item that we will donate to the Senior Center. There will be a few more details announced – keep an eye on our Twitter or Facebook pages. Please join us for an evening of great music to end this summer with a bang!


The Shape Up America Campaign – The Grove Hollywood


One of the things that started us coming to LA on this trip was getting a gig at the Shape Up America Campaign in downtown Hollywood through a really interesting person named Mike Torcia. Torcia is a personal trainer to the stars and an illustrious personality. Throughout his career he has trained many athletes, celebrities, royalty and public figures alike. The guy honestly looks so ripped you don’t know what to think at first. Having dinner with him we kind of jokingly asked him how many chin-ups he could do and he replied, “I do pull downs, otherwise I would be there all day”. So somehow you get the idea that this could be a joke but at the same time you really wouldn’t put it past him that he could do chin-ups all day. Torcia started his campaign to shape up the nation over 12 years ago.

Mike Torchia

Mike Torchia

Arriving at The Grove in Hollywood California there was already thousands of people moving about the area checking out the latest exercise machines, workout balls, and martial arts demonstrations in a boxing ring. There were also lots of supplement booths and goal oriented workshops being held throughout the area. As we got on stage to do our set we couldn’t help but notice NBA player Olden Polynice was in the front road jamming to the music! It was pretty sicky! Especially ‘Off the Radar’. Check out this video of us playing Off The Radar with Olden Polynice right in the front of the stage . Throughout the day we played the theme song that Ryan wrote for the campaign twice and our own original songs. While we didn’t get much time up on stage we did make the most of it and had a great time in doing so. Overall we really met some of the most interesting people!

On a side note, if you’re into all kinds of food at one time and you feel like having a real amazing smorgasbord, go to the Grove in Hollywood and check out the farmers market area. It will blow your mind!


Ryan M. Gets on FOX NEWS! He’s Famous!


On Thursday, August 11th Ryan M. went to The Grove in Hollywood to perform a song he wrote for the ‘Shape Up America’ campaign. The morning was full of media including, FOX, Extra, and various LA morning shows. There were all kinds of people in The Grove such as strongmen, dancers, martial artists, yoga experts, trampoline artists, intense isometric fitness instructors and celebrity pets! The broadcast was cutting live to the event for 3 hours that morning and while the song was live on air there was some footage preserved online for us to share here in this moment. You can see Ryan playing the theme song in the background with dancers joining in and singing along!! Check it Out.

Shape Up America Expo Preview: MyFoxLA.com


The Lottery visits Historical Monument 157


I’m not sure how many cool old Victorian style homes have been transformed into hubs for hipsters, artists, and musicians, but East L.A.’s Historical Monument 157 was unmistakably sick. As soon as we walked through the gate and into the garden, I was inside of some Stephen King novel. This place had it all, everything from a weird garden, a blood red M.C. Escher-esque staircase, a million rooms, and a history that apparently includes one dead man, a victim of self-defense. Apart from that, the energy was really positive, with warm welcomes from the folks who live there and a desire from us to return in the near future. The living room and back yard each have a stage for live music and poetry, with the backyard capable of hosting at least a hundred people, complete with couches, tents, parked buses, and palm trees.

The Lottery Set UpWe rehearsed our set with a few members of the house present at different times, including resident Chesed Aquarian and brother Djin Aquarian. The sound was really good for such a small space, and we had a great time while playing. There was so much to look at. Tripped out artwork was everywhere, with mannequins sporting wigs and horns, steel daggers on the wall, fantastic stained glass, beautiful chandeliers, and cool interior structural design that, with fifty candles burning, cast great shadows everywhere. I was definitely seeing things flying around the room, and out of the corners of my eyes the empty Victorian chairs would have visitors sitting up-right, or quite properly, enjoying the show.



We have a new drummer!

Ryan Gut

Ryan Gut

Hello everybody. Today we are announcing that The Lottery has a new drummer – Ryan Güt. Ryan has played in bands such as Hammerface, ¡Salsa Brava!, Funkamungus, The Frankie Hernandez Band, Funkreation, & the acclaimed percussion ensemble Compás, under the direction of Dr. Terry Longshore. Ryan studied percussion performance with Longshore at Southern Oregon University for three years, receiving his Bachelor of Arts in music education. Tonight we announce our first major gig with Ryan is at Cheetah’s in Hollywood.

We were originally slated to back up iconic 70′s Spiritual Psychedelic band ‘Yahowha 33′ and were thrilled at the opportunity to go out into progressively weird, out of mind jams … at a Gentleman’s Club? We met up with the promoter, ‘Huggie’, and after explaining that he was into experimental music and that he lives with Cedric of the Mars Volta, he promptly added The Lottery as the opening band for this show. We had just a few rehearsals as the new group coming into this gig and were excited to ply our craft as musicians under quite unique circumstances. The blend of dancers, musicians of all walks of life, different instruments, and spiritual belief made for a motley crew in the venue.

The Lottery Set was well received by an 80′s hair metal sound guy/DJ/MC/Comedian who had a Detroit Red Wings T-shirt on and plenty of witty jokes ready to spit on a dime, and by the other club entertainers. Playing to the crowd we noticed people with long pure white robes and esoteric jewelry, scant clad servers, tattooed Texans, Californians, & LA young business types was a real trip! Good times!

Leaving our equipment on stage we were joined by Djin Aquarian of Yahowha 13, Riley Bray of Golden Ghosts, Photon Aquarian, and a european psychedelic violist to form what was to be Yahowha 33 for that evening in that time and space. The sound that ensued would not be easily described as most Yahowha gigs.

It all made for a really interesting mix.

We are really looking forward to a new set and moving forward with the band in a new sound.

Thumbs down for bus repairs

Tapioca Express


The Lottery made a road trip to LA last summer. The bus broke down in Redding and we had to drive back up to Shasta and get Paul’s car which was a whole other adventure all together. Some of our Highlights included meeting producer Kerry Brown (Smashing Pumpkins) in his studio in Beverly Hills, and playing the Cat Club on the Strip next to the Whiskey A Go Go. But what topped the list was making this lovely pit stop for some delicious Tapioca Express! Wow! Was it ever good!! Yumm… check it out!

and please take time to read the menu below in case you would like some of this fine food yourself!


The Mount Shasta Rail Jam


Hey Everybody,

Thanks again to Big Jim and the Mount Shasta Ski Park for having us at the Rail Jam Competition. We had been waiting about three years to finally play this gig in good weather and not have it moved inside like previous years. All week the weather called for 39 degrees and rain… and the forecast was right about one thing… the temperature. While it was beautifully sunny it was still quite amazingly cold. Not so much in the sun but our stage area was in the shade where it was QUITE chilly!

We have been working on a part in the show where Ryan and Paul switch instruments and go into 11 minutes of jam/guitar solos. However the truss rods of instruments produce numbing results since the steel inside the neck lays quite close to where you put your thumb! The bass especially was quite cold to the touch.  Jake kept quite warm except for his knee caps which were numb. Ryan mentioned at one point he could not feel his fingers at all. All in all a new experience for us but we look forward to even COLDER concerts in the future!

The Rail Jam was a sick one and so were the moves the competitors were busting on the rails. It was amazing to play under the view of that mountain and watch the competition all at once! We should have videos of this soon!


Magma Fest 2011 Poster!

The Seattle Magma Fest


On March 5th Ryan traveled south from Canada into Seattle to play a psych show with brother Djin Aquarian of Yahowha 13. The event was sponsored by Hollow Earth Radio and held at Radar Hair and Records. Definite highlights included an ecstatic jam with members of the local Seattle Progressive/Psychedelic music scene and hearing bands like Hound Dog Taylor’s Hand & Sugar Skulls play their own unique styles to make the evening special for everyone. Yahowha 33 ended up being an orchestral cacophony in the most bizarre, interesting, and beautiful ways. Check out this excerpt for a taste of what strange sounds happened that night.
[soundcloud url="http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/11679198"]

Second Interview w/ The Lottery on Rock 99.3′s Kaos Theory!


Here’s our second interview with Josh Lake on his show, The Kaos Theory. It’s about 40 minutes long, split into three videos (with the crispy HD option!). We played acoustic versions of two songs, and talked about alien sex, monster trucks, and “the open faced sandwich”. Enjoy.

Live in Dunsmuir, CA

New Release 2/14/2011: Sex With An Alien


In honor of Valentine’s Day, we are releasing our own interpretation of a certain type of love in audio form. “Sex With An Alien” is a proggy, synthy instrumental that we have been playing live for about a year. Enjoy the dissonance! Link: Sex With An Alien

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